Devil Country Muster Talent Quest 2018

The Talent Quest kicked off in 2016 and is now into it's fourth year! This is singing competition open to any style of music, for any amateur singers who can make it to the heats and finals at Trawmanna, in Smithton Tasmania.


There are two categories - Under 16 and All Ages. There are cash prizes for the winners and runners-up in both categories.


What's the Format?

As this is a singing competition, you can

- sing by yourself

- play an instrument or use a backing track

- have one other person accompany you (they are not judged)

- enter as a duo (both of you are judged), and use instruments or a backing track

- perform a cover or an original song

- perform any style of music that works for you


This year, the first auditions will be on a date to be advised at Trawmanna, before the Devil Country Muster.


There will be four acts in each age group who will progress to the finals on Thursday 14th February, at Trawmanna, on the first night of the Devil Country Muster.


The entry form for the competition is at the bottom of this page, and should be submitted by Friday January 11th 2019.


At the first heat, each performer will perform one song live on the Trawmanna stage. The judges will score the performers, and four acts will be selected from each age group for the final.


The final will be on Thursday 14 February 2019, and will be part of the Devil Country Muster. Each act will perform one song, and the winner and runner up will be chosen by the judges in each age group.


The winners will be announced on the night and prizes will be awarded. The winners from each category will be invited to perform their winning song at the Main Show on Saturday 16 February 2018.


You can enter the Talent Quest as many times as you like, until you are a successful category winner. At that stage you are an artist, you don't need our Talent Quest!


Previous winners are:



Under 16 - Ebony Tuffnell

Open - Judy Bonney



Under 16 - Taylor Dixon

Open - Amy Pegg



Under 16 - Jemma Barnard

Open - Mason Waller


What are the Prizes?

All Ages Category - First Prize $200 Runner Up $50

Under 16 Category - First Prize $150 Runner Up $50

(All four acts receive a complementary Day Ticket to the Muster)


Count me in! What do I do now?

Welcome aboard! Fill in the form below and we will check your eligibility for the competition. If everything is OK, we will be in contact with you to reserve your spot in the first heats. Good luck!


Entry Form

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